Why Counting Calories Makes Weight Loss Difficult

Some people have a lot of success in counting calories. Most, however, struggle with weight loss plans that require them to constantly measure and track what they eat. If you’re having a hard time writing, recording and following numbers, the following fat loss secrets are perfect for you.

Choose A Smaller Plate

Rather than counting calories, make an effort to simply moderate your portions. Weight loss doesn’t have to occur overnight. In fact, people are most successful in these endeavors when they work to achieve gradual results by implementing lifestyle changes that they can actually maintain. Switch your large-sized dinner plates out for smaller, salad plates. You can still fill your plate up, but you will invariably be consuming less food. There are other tricks that you can use to curb your appetite and put a stop to overeating. Try drinking a full glass of water before each meal and start sipping water all throughout the day. People who are properly hydrated tend to eat a lot less than those who are not.

Chew Slowly And Practice Mindfulness

Take stock of what you’re eating and take care to fully enjoy it. Many people find themselves putting food in their mouths without every really tasting it or fully appreciating its texture. Slow down and savor each bite. If you don’t rush through meals and snacks, you’ll feel more satisfied and you’ll be a lot less likely to go back for more. Taking your time will also give your brain a better opportunity to register that your appetite has been sated. It takes between ten and fifteen minutes for the stomach to successfully communicate to the brain that it’s full.

Get Active

Surprisingly, even the most stringent of diets is far less effective for producing long-term weight loss than a diligent and challenging fitness plan. Make working out your very first priority. If you want to count numbers, start counting sets and repetitions or minutes spent on a cardiovascular workout machine such as a treadmill or stair climber. This is far more satisfying than counting calories and it is guaranteed to produce amazing results.

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